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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

O Christmas Tree!

We set up our Christmas tree this past Saturday night :) We are getting ready to head to Covington to celebrate Thanksgiving with Josh's family, so we wanted to be all set to enjoy our tree when we get home. Plus, once we get back from Thanksgiving we have about 10 days before we leave for Evanston for the holidays!!! Soooo...we wanted our decorating efforts to be worth it!

Josh and I actually decorated the tree after Jackson went to bed. We have a little tradition of listening to Christmas music (we always start with Mariah Carey's album) and enjoying hanging out together while creating our tree :)

Jackson was SO excited to see the tree Sunday morning when he woke up! He started inspecting the ornaments and was very gentle! Last year we positioned our coffee table in front of the tree to act as a barrier, but this year seems to be going well without it. After checking out the tree, Jackson immediately realized his shoe basket and little blue chair had moved to the other side of the toy shelves! What an observant little boy!

You can't really tell in this picture, but Jackson's using his Handy Manny tools to "fix" the tree :)

Jackson's love of the tree has carried on and he ate breakfast and lunch in front of it.

It is also a handy suggestion when we are trying to come inside from outside or downstairs from upstairs. "Want to go see your tree???" His face usually lights up and he runs toward the tree :)

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What fun! Can't wait to set up our tree next week!