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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Travels

We got back last night from visiting Josh's grandmas in both Covington and New Hope. We left Tuesday afternoon for Covington and stayed there until Saturday morning with Meemaw. Then we spent Saturday with Gramma before heading home that night.

We headed right to Cucci's on our first night in Covington! The pizza was just as delicious as I had thought about all day :) Jackson and Meemaw had a good time playing cars while we waited for our food.

Josh helped Meemaw cook a delicious Thanksgiving meal on Thursday!

Jackson loved playing at Meemaw's house. She has a coffee table perfect for playing cars and all sorts of fun spots to stick little people, etc. Josh had a little fun by sticking Momo in Jackson's pants! Jackson thought it was hilarious and just walked around with Momo stuck to him.

We were SO full! On Friday we met our good friend, Tish, and her husband, Will, for dinner in Roanoke. That was a nice little outing--I even got Josh into the mall on Black Friday! We didn't have an agenda, we just got to Roanoke a little earlier than we thought so we killed time at the mall :)

We had a nice, relaxing day in New Hope with more yummy food! Jackson even got to help Gramma start dinner.

Jackson had fun looking out the windows at Gramma's house for the birds that like to hang out in the trees.

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