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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jr. Golfer

I must say that I think my brief break in blogging is due to my mourning the loss of some VERY cute pictures :( Last weekend I took adorable pictures of Jackson in these same snuggly jammies checking out a HUGE caterpillar that was hanging out on our screen door. He LOVES caterpillars, and he was so excited to have this guy to watch! Something went wrong when I transferred the pictures from the camera to the computer, and they are lost :( I kept hoping I'd find them somewhere, but I didn't. So, here is a different scenario! We bought Jackson his first set of golf clubs this summer and he has loved playing with them the last week!

The golf bag and clubs go with him all over the house! He loves taking them up and down stairs with him. I even found them in the bathroom the other night!

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mom said...

Will he share with Momo? xo mimi