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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What I Did During Naptime

It is no secret that I love to organize... I won one of my first Wife of the Year awards when I sent Josh golfing while we lived in Crystal Lake so I could organize the garage! Our neighbors couldn't believe it! LOL I posted a few months ago about trying to organize our back storage/laundry room. We have a few things working against us in that room. One main deterrent from it being organized ALL the time is that periodically there is a piece of child un-friendly furniture that needs to be stored until later use. That takes up space and leads to things getting shifted around. I finally realized that part of the reason I wasn't feeling satisfied was that it just LOOKED dis-organized even when I had just finished working on it. So, I decided to go pick out some matching plastic storage bins for different areas of the room. I think it made a ton of difference! (If you don't, please just agree and don't burst my bubble! LOL) So, yesterday during naptime, I began my project! It didn't take me much longer than the nap, actually. Of course once I had the room organized, I turned around to see our family room in total disarray :( So, now I have piles for the Purple Heart truck to pick up on Friday, some donations for other places, and some trash that will go out tomorrow. Without further adieu, here are the before and afters:

Right side BEFORE:

Right side AFTER:

Right side (more) AFTER:

Back corner BEFORE:

Back corner AFTER:

Back wall BEFORE:

Back wall AFTER:

Left side BEFORE:

More left side BEFORE:

Left side AFTER:


Rhen @Yes, they are all mine said...

I love getting things organized as well. We moved into this rental house in June and I have steadily trying to get things sorted and organized. I just keep plugging forward!
I think you made great progress. Not to mention, it feels really good when you know something is organized!

Eos Mom said...

Great job! I envy your storage space and your organization--way to go!

Anonymous said...

Way to go!