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Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Dinner Date...

...for Mommy, Mimi, and their good friends.  And for Jackson and his girlfriend, Ryleigh :)

On Wednesday afternoon we drove to Hoffman Estates to have dinner and play with Auntie Dale, Auntie Abbey, Auntie Kelly, and Ryleigh!  We ALWAYS have a good time visiting with each other.  Dale and Abbey made a delicious dinner of spinach salad with homemade sugared walnuts and mushrooms, french bread, and pesto pasta with chicken.  For dessert we had a delicious apple pie!  Mmmm...  

Jackson and Ryleigh played SO well together!  Jackson had fun trying out Ryleigh's toys, but he also loved standing in front of Auntie Dale's big TV that was conveniently on the channel "Wonder Pets" is on...
Getting ready to open presents!  Catching a snuggle with Auntie Kelly first :)
I would say Jackson definitely has the hand of opening presents since he "helped" Ryleigh open hers!  LOL
Ryleigh seemed ok with that.  She was really interested in all the bits of paper!
Our traditional picture!
Hugs for Auntie Abbey!
Hugs for Ryleigh and Auntie Dale!

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