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Friday, December 17, 2010

Evanston Escapades

Needless to say, Jackson is having a ball at Mimi and Bampa's house :)  On Monday afternoon we went to Erin's house to visit her, Ben, Katie, and yet-to-be-born Baby Will!  My old friend, Kyle, who Erin and I also worked with at Barnes and Noble also came over!  Jackson was having a rough day due to his 2-year molars working their way in, so he decided to keep his hat on the whole time!  What a funny comfort item... 

Jackson LOVED pushing around Ben and Katie's shopping cart--it was metal just like the real things!  

Helping Kyle pick out the tastiest cookies! 

Too bad the kiddos are sitting like they don't like each other :(  Oh well, they are sitting still and looking in the somewhat right direction...  I just LOVE Erin's tree and her cute stocking holder on the wall :)  

Getting hugs from and giving them to Katie.

Jackson has NEVER dragged around a blanket of any kind.  We brought a very special blanket someone knitted for Jackson when he was born with us.  The other morning Jackson brought it into the kitchen and asked me to cover him.  I said I would, and he turned around and dragged the blanket into the living room and on to the couch.  He did this several more times!  It was really cute!

On a related note, we finally know why Mimi and Bampa's couches came with SO many pillows!  For pillow towers, of course.  Jackson has had fun piling the pillows, knocking them down, and then explaining that he will do it again!  LOL  My mom and dad have a square space for their bathtub.  The installation of a rectangular tub resulted in a little "area" on each side of the tub.  This "area" is perfect for lining up Little People and then dumping a cup of water behind them so it washes them overboard.  This is Jackson's new favorite game in the tub :)  
Jackson noticed my mom had some rubberbands and necklace-like things hanging from the pantry doorknob.  He put the two necklaces on and then wanted all of the rubberbands on his wrists!  The look was completed with his Elmo slippers :)

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