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Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Hanukkah!

Jackson LOVED celebrating Hanukkah this year!  The first night was last Wednesday, and the last night was this past Wednesday.  I set the menorah up most mornings with the candles, so we could enjoy it all day.  Jackson thought it was time to light the candles, however, and he was ready for it all day!  He was so excited when Daddy would get home so we could light the candles.  He knew he had to sit while we lit them because they were hot!  He would get all situated on the chair and have such a big smile on his face.  Lucky for him, we will be celebrating a few extra nights with Mimi, Bampa, and Uncle Larry while we are in Evanston.  Also lucky for him, I saved some of his presents since he was sick for a few of the nights and not really excited about much of anything...

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