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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snack! Snack! Snack!

Ever since we got the strep diagnosis, Jackson has been on an eating spree!  On Sunday, he spent some time with Brandi, Scott, and Kaitlyn.  He got to accompany Brandi to the commissary for some grocery shopping while Kaitlyn finished up her nap, and he apparently became VERY attached to the bagS of chicken fries Brandi was buying!  When they got home at 4 o'clock, he was demanding dinner.  Since his eating was all screwed up, I figured I'd feed him since he was acting hungry.  He proceeded to eat 16 chicken fries!!!  That is more than two adult servings!!!  He also scarfed down some grapes and blueberries.  Then he acted like he wanted to eat some of our dinner, but that was just a fake-out.  I dropped him off at Brandi's on Monday morning so I could go out and do some errands (Kaitlyn is coming over tomorrow so Brandi can do the same thing for herself!), and she told me he spent most of the morning at the table eating!  I had sent two snack traps and applesauce, and he ate ALL of that plus one of Brandi's veggie pancakes!  Since then he's been eating fine meals and tons of snacks in between!  I guess he's making up for lost time...

He's in a MUCH better mood!  Even once he had the antibiotic in him, it was clear he was feeling better, but he didn't have a very good attitude.  Things seem to be shaping up...  I'm not too worried about getting back into a solid routine since we are leaving bright and early Friday morning (like 5am early) to drive west!!!  We are stopping in Indy Friday afternoon and spending the night with the Conners before continuing on to Evanston Saturday afternoon.  We will be there until New Year's-ish (we haven't decided for sure when we are driving back to VA).  So, lots to do and tons to look forward to!!!

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