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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sick and Sad Buglet :(

I am SO thankful that Jackson's stomach bug waited to arrive in full force until we got home from our Thanksgiving travels! It didn't wait long since we got home Saturday night, and he got sick for the first time after breakfast Sunday morning :( Josh went to the Redskins game as planned with Joe, and Jackson and I just hung out and layed low. He seemed much better by the afternoon, so we ran a couple errands after his nap and went over to the Yanceys for dinner right at Jackson's bedtime. We just laid him down so he didn't spread his germs, but we still got to hang out with our good friends :) Just as we were leaving, Jackson threw up all over Josh and Susie's floor :( I am thankful that that did happen on Susie's floor and not our car on the way home (she was a good sport and supports my thankfulness!). We got Jackson tucked in at home and he slept well that night. He didn't get sick at all on Monday, but he woke up early Tuesday morning (like 1am early) sick in his crib :( So far we are vomit-free, but I'm not counting my chickens before they're hatched yet... Today he definitely seems the most lethargic. He has zoned out in front of the TV for the past couple of days, but today he's spent most of his time lying down either on our bed or on the couch :( Poor little guy. We are crossing our fingers that he is just working up to having his energy back...

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mom said...

Momo will have to be my stand-in for now -- I'm sending tons of hugs & kisses Jackson's way. xomimi