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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Time Follies

We continue to enjoy our time in Evanston :)  On Saturday, Jackson hung out with Mimi so Josh and I could get some running around done.  We were so thankful for her help!  We stopped on the way home and bought ingredients to make a big pot of Potato Soup for dinner.  And flowers :)  The flowers had a decoration amongst them that was basically a star wand.  Jackson LOVED this thing!  He immediately started waving it at things all over the house!  It was REALLY cute!  Especially since he greeted us at the door wearing various necklaces and bracelets (i.e. rubberbands)!
We also bought some egg nog at the store.  Josh was sampling it, and Mr. Jackson HAD to have a sip too.  Look who loves him some egg nog--our little holiday bug!

On Sunday we met the Conners for lunch at Big Herms.  We introduced it to them in October, and they had to get a fix!  It was so nice to see them twice in one week!  Hopefully we'll be able to see them again soon!  We didn't get any pictures, but Jackson did get a cool, new tool belt full of tools from Katie's mom.  He looks quite professional :)

We finally were able to take a version of a family walk earlier this week.  It is still too icy out and uneven to use the stroller, but we geared Jackson up in his new, frog boots and headed over to the school playground/field at the end of the block.  Jackson played at the playground for a little bit, and Pax got to run around.  Getting Jackson all dressed was quite a task.  It involved a lot of wrestling with Daddy :)

Uncle Larry arrived yesterday!  We had delicious Lou's for dinner in his honor :)  This afternoon we went to Big Herm's so we all could try something new.  Uncle Larry and Daddy had the new sandwich: a hamburger between two grilled cheese sandwiches!  It looked A.MAZ.ING!  I tried their Italian Beef.  Yummy!  While we were getting organized to leave, Jackson found a pair of Mimi's glasses.  This was the end result:

I was doing some cleaning this afternoon, and came upstairs to find Jackson taking some pictures with the camera!  I'm sure he would want you all to see his handiwork:

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