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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

 Josh was really excited to get up with Jackson yesterday morning!  I definitely enjoyed a couple extra hours of sleep...  This year was pretty fun with Jackson since he enjoyed opening his presents, but had NO idea what was coming!  Next year, he will be able to look forward to Christmas and understand what's going on.  Before we started opening presents, Bampa had some fun with Jackson's remote control truck and rolled it between Jackson's legs!  Jackson thought this was pretty cool :)

As we expected, Jackson was an excellent Santa's Helper.  Josh handed him presents and told him where to take them.  It was so cute!  We started off where we left off and let Jackson open a few presents in a row.  (We like to take turns so we can watch everyone else open!)  He got some new Chuck the Truck mini-trucks and a big garbage truck to store them in.  He rolled those around for a while along with his Lil' Snoopy puppy that he can pull along behind him.  Jackson was very patient all morning while he waited for Bampa to open his toys!

Bampa got a framed collage of him and Jackson making pancakes.  (Daddy got one of him and Jackson making fudge, but the picture didn't turn out...)  

Bampa also got a new whisk to help mix pancake batter.

Let the tradition of playing with boxes begin!

Jackson did really well (for the most part) letting other people open their own presents.  He did get pretty excited about helping Mimi open a couple...  I'm also hoping that next year we can really impart the importance of not touching presents under the tree.  I kind of missed wrapping presents and putting them under the tree for a few days before Christmas...

Jackson got to open some more of his presents partway through the "grown-ups"opening.  He got the letters of his name in train form and a really cool new book: Heads by Matthew Van Fleet. Jackson and I were actually at the bookstore the other day admiring this one--how exciting to have it now to keep!

Uncle Larry got a cool new popcorn bucket that makes an excellent hat :)

After we finished opening all of the presents, we ate a yummy brunch!  I made a sausage and egg bake and my mom made apple pancake.  They were delicious :)  While Jackson napped, my dad made Tom & Jerry drinks.  It's another tradition we have :)  We played cards while we enjoyed those, and then spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing.

Mimi found two pairs of Disneyland Mickey Mouse ears in her drawer.  Jackson LOVED wearing them all afternoon!  

Nan came over for dinner again, and we ordered Brown's fried chicken.  The streak of yummy food continues :)

Jackson also had one more present to open from his cousins in California!  He got to open it after dinner.  It was another Wow toy to add to his collection.  This one was Tow Truck Tim and Rolling Ray.  It is a tow truck and car.  The tow truck has a hook that attaches to the car and then you push a button and it tows it in.  It's really neat!

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