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Monday, December 13, 2010

Overnight with the Conners!

We left Springfield just after 5am Friday morning.  We really had hoped Jackson would fall asleep again in the car after we got him out of his bed, but no such luck.  He really did great, though!  Once the sun finally rose, Jackson and I kept busy reading stories, playing with toys, and eating snacks.  I was so excited that Jackson would finally enjoy the portable DVD player on this drive that I forgot the car charger :(  Without our main source of entertainment, I was even more impressed with how Jackson did!  We stopped for lunch around 11:30, and when we got back in the car Jackson fell asleep.  After a short nap, Jackson was happy to play with his cars and buses in his carseat.  We got to the Conner house around 3, and Jackson could not have been happier to see Paige and her toys :)  
Jackson and Paige had a good time playing together while Katie and I got some time to catch up.  

Katie has four daycare kids she watches during the days and Jackson had fun playing with them too once they all woke up from naps!  
Josh built this fabulous tower for the kiddos :)
After Nick got home we went to Monical's for some pizza.  It was really yummy--I hadn't had it since I left Champaign!!!  After dinner we exchanged presents before Jackson headed to bed.  Jackson LOVES his new dump truck and little Chuck trucks!!!  
Katie and I stayed up late chatting, and it was SO nice--we really wish we lived closer together.

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Katie said...

YES WE DO!! But it was fun and I'm so glad we got some time!! :)