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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

10 Years of Me in May

I was inspired to create this list after reading a blogger friend's own list on her blog :)

10 years ago in May 2001 I was relieved to have my freshman year of college behind me!

9 years ago in May 2002 I was attending my relatively-new-boyfriend-future-husband's college graduation in Charlottesville, VA

8 years ago in May 2003 I was undergoing brain surgery to remove a cavernoma from my cerebellum
7 years ago in May 2004 I was graduating from the University of Illinois AND finishing planning my wedding!!!
6 years ago in May 2005 Josh and I were settling into our FIRST house in Crystal Lake, IL 
5 years ago in May 2006 I was finishing my first year of teaching my OWN class!
4 years ago in May 2007 I was turning 25 and legally allowed to rent a car
3 years ago in May 2008 we were getting ready to find out the gender of our first baby :)
2 years ago in May 2009 I was enjoying being a mommy for seven months
1 year ago in May 2010 I was celebrating good friends' wedding in New Orleans
This year, in May 2011 we are gearing up to move into our THIRD house in Dumfries, VA :)

This is my first contribution to Top Ten Tuesday at Oh Amanda!  There are a few blogs I read that have been posting Top Ten lists, and I love the randomness, conciseness, and fun of it all!  So, yes, I'm attempting to start another weekly thing right as we get ready to move...  LOL


oh amanda {impress your kids} said...

I LOVE THIS LIST! I think I'm going to do it one day! Fun, fun!

And you have had some fun in the last 10 years---well, besides the brain surgery!

Thanks for linking up!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea!! What a great list. Do you realize I have known you every May except the first two? Hmm...I wonder what next May will bring?? Love the pic of you in front of the new house..yay!

Mama C said...

umm...that anonymous statement was from!

Cassie said...

oh geez...from me! HAHAHA!!

Katie said...

I am a little disappointed that you didn't include our bar crawl to celebrate your birthday!! ;) HAHA! It is definitely one of my favorite May memories!