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Saturday, May 21, 2011

We LOVE Happy Birthdays :)

The weekend between closing and moving was Kaitlyn's second birthday party!!!  The Buerstattes have been indispensable during our house-hunt and moving process.  We were happy to spend the afternoon helping them get set up for the big shindig!  Jackson loves any activity that includes KK and Baby Brother (I did establish he clearly knows Liam's name, he just prefers to call him Baby Brother!) 
The party was Minnie Mouse themed, and Brandi did SUCH a good job with the decorations, cupcakes, and favors!
The look on Kaitlyn's face when we started singing to her was priceless!  She was super excited to hear her special song.  The kids were all thrilled when it was actually cupcake time--they were all trying to sneak peeks and licks beforehand!
LOVE this picture of Jackson and Kaitlyn playing outside on the steps!
Sunday was the first day Jackson napped in his own bed since Monday--poor guy!  He was a champ during this whole process, but I know he appreciated getting back to some sort of routine!  Josh spent the day at the house mowing the lawn FIVE times (that sod really thrived with the warm weather and rain!) and installing garage door opener #2.  Jackson spent the day vegging out and playing with his toys while I worked on the "old" house getting it ready to be vacated and lived in by tenants!  It was a productive day that ended with a visit from Auntie Em and Uncle Josh!!!  We hadn't seen them in a really long time :(  They came to return a table they borrowed a couple of years ago, but then I made them dinner and they stuck around ;)  Jackson LOVED having Auntie Em's attention while they colored :)

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