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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Top Ten Cute Pictures

 Jackson got his first boo boos requiring Band-Aids :(  He re-opened some old ones, but he got some rockin' Cars "stickers" to cover them up :)
 Jackson and Rachel (and Pax) had a fabulous time playing in the curtains.


 Sitting in rocking chairs enjoying cupcakes!
 Post-cupcake smiles :)

 Topless Toddler Reads Books He Hauls Around in Shopping Cart

Jackson woke up with a VERY high fever Saturday morning :(  He was pretty comatose most of the day.  His fever went down a bit mid-day, but I think it spiked again around dinner/bedtime.  We caught a little snooze together...  The next morning he was pretty much all recovered!  Weird!
 Boy and Dog
 Happy Jaxie and Daddy!  I love that Pax is sniffing at the snacks :)
 Watching lacrosse with Josh/Daddy

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1 comment:

ICStarzz said...

I love the one with them hiding in the curtains, the dogs face is so funny! Cute pics! :)