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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Rachel!!!

The excitement didn't end after we moved into our new house!  Jackson and Josh took a drive to the airport to pick up Mimi on Tuesday morning!  Jackson was SO excited to go to the airport, see the airplanes, and then pick up Mimi!!!  We spent Tuesday showing Mimi the new house and just enjoying her company.  The Yanceys came over for dinner that night so we could hang out one last time as a group before Joe leaves for his summer deployment to Wisconsin.  It was fun to have our first "dinner party" in our new house :)   On Wednesday we took a field trip to IKEA and even ate lunch in their cafe.  It was my first "real" trip to IKEA, and even though I was SO excited with everything I bought, I ended up returning most of it.  LOL  But, I LOVE the few things I kept!  Thursday we pretty much hung out around the house, but on Friday, we went to Rachel's THIRD birthday party!  I cannot believe she is three already--I don't think I'll ever forget the day she was born!  Susie decorated with cute flowers and ladybugs--so cute!  Jackson immediately found a party blower and showed his skills!  Notice the turquoise fairy skirt: Rachel has lots of fun dress-up clothes, and Jackson likes to feel included.  He's worn this skirt a few times...  The other day when I was trying on a dress, he told me I looked like a princess!  Thank goodness for his little girl friends to introduce him to that world...;)
Jackson kept coming into the living room with strawberries, grapes, and chips.  Not a problem, but I wondered where he was getting his stash. Well, "Rachel's Grandpa" was keeping him supplied :)
The kids each got to decorate his/her own party hat--genius idea!
This is the only picture I got of Jackson and Mimi on this trip :(  I'll have to get lots more when we go back to visit them in June :) 
"Happy birthday dear Rachel..."
This child has clearly learned how to enjoy the frosting on a cupcake :)

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