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Friday, May 20, 2011

Rewind to Tuesday, April 26th--Closing Day!!!

Tuesday, April 26th was the big day: Closing Day!  We had one more walk-through and then we went to the title company's office to make it official.  It felt SO good to finally get keys and be able to come and go as we pleased.  We brought a car-load of stuff over that day to keep in the garage, and kept the stuff coming for the next ten days before we moved in.  Josh had taken the rest of the week off so we started right in on all of our projects.  Josh tackled the invisible fence for Pax, installing two garage door openers, and taped all of my rooms to be painted. 
Thanks to our amazing friends, Brandi and Susie, I was able to spend three days painting six room: Jackson's room, the playroom, one wall in the guest room, the front room, the family room, and the dining room.  Of course each day included at least one extra trip to Lowe's even though Josh went each morning on the way to the house to get items for his day's projects.  LOL  So reminiscent of when we moved into our first house and spent the first weekend building a wall-sized entertainment center and doing some painting.  We spent lots of time going back and forth to Lowe's then as well.  Maybe it's a new house ritual...?  I am SO thankful we were able to take that time in the beginning to get those initial projects completed! Still up: painting the main floor hallway as well as the staircase, give a few pieces of furniture fresh coats of paint, build a few bookcases, and begin imagining what we would like our deck to look like!

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