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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Top Ten Things I Heart About Wegmans!

I had my very first outing to Wegmans this morning!  Let me tell you friends, it was AMAZING!  I can't believe I haven't been there sooner!  Well, actually I can since we didn't have one near us...  I think it's mainly an east coast store, and the one I went to today is the closest one to our old house, so it wouldn't be categorized as close...  But, now I have a Wegmans close enough to shop at regularly!!!  Here are the top ten thing I'm excited about about Wegmans/yummy new things to eat/drink:

1) Buffalo Bill's Brewery Orange Blossom Cream Ale
2) Capicola-Salami frozen pizza
3) Dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets--Jackson was THRILLED!
4) Delicious new flavors of shredded cheese (Wegmans brand)
5) European Soda Frizzante Blood Orange flavor
6) Wegmans brand salsa
7) Yummy flavors of bread in the store brand (read: not over $5/loaf to get "exciting" bread)
8) Free magazine with recipes and coupons that I got when I signed up for a Wegmans saving card
9) The typical shopping cart has room for two toddlers in the basket seat AND you don't feel like you are pushing the SUV of shopping carts!
10) $0.79 pasta and $0.99 pasta sauce = one happy pasta loving girl :)

There is also a cafe upstairs that is rumored to have delicious and affordable good eats--can't wait to try that out!  Since Brandi and I were with two toddlers and a three-month old, we weren't really in the sit and relax mode...  Maybe one day...

I think there might be a Wegmans themed housewarming party in our future... ;)

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