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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Mother's Birthday Mommy!

I decided to combine the posts for my birthday (May 4th) and Mother's Day (May 8th) since they were so close this year. Also, Jackson combined the two greetings on Mother's Day, which I think is adorable! Josh took the day off on my birthday, and we had such a nice day! We went out to lunch at Firehuose Subs, then we drove to the new house and let Jackson nap there while we hung a few window treatments and Josh built our new entertainment stand. We then went out to dinner with the Buerstattes at Red Robin, which was delicious as always! Beforehand, Brandi took some pictures of us and the kids at the new house:
On Mother's Day, we loaded up in the Buerstatte's Pilot and headed to the National Zoo!  It had been WAY too long since we'd been there, and Jackson had a great time!  He LOVED riding in the wagon with KK, and he really liked checking out the animals.  The highlights were the prairie dogs, lions, tigers, monkeys, and the giant turtle! 
The daddies on wagon duty :)
Checking out the "doggies" (aka prairie dogs)
Family photo: Smiths on Mother's Day 2011
Brandi's first Mother's Day with two children :)
Old friends with kids now...  how fast the past almost 10 years have gone...
After coming home for naps, we met back up for dinner at Panera--what a lovely end to a fun day!

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