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Monday, May 23, 2011

Moving Day: Made Possible By Good Friends :)

Thank goodness we have such amazing friends who understood how helpful it would be to have Jackson out of the way to prepare for and on Moving Day!!!  In my head I was going to ask each of our three close friends to take Jackson for one day each giving me three days to unpack child-less.  Then my mom was flying in and Mimi would be on duty!  Well, everyone definitely offered (and I took them up on their offers) more then one day.  We clearly needed Jackson out of the way to make progress on packing and while we took care of other moving issues.  We are eternally greatful :) 

Brandi picked Jackson and Pax up at our house the morning before Moving Day while she was in the area running errands and kept them until the evening of Moving Day.  That was nice because Verizon was coming to the new house to install our new services, and it was helpful to not worry about Jackson since I had a four hour window of when the Verizon guy would arrive and then installation itself can take multiple hours.  I think I'm rather brilliant for thinking of packing up the kitchen and loading all the boxes in the Xterra so I could unpack the kitchen while waiting for the Verizon guy.  I had the kitchen moved and unpacked ready to go before Moving Day even started!!!  THAT was an amazing feeling :)  Josh worked at the townhouse getting things ready to load on the truck.  Then he met me at the house and we did a few things here before going back to the townhouse for a busy night of bringing as many things to the main level as possible.  We got all of the boxes moved to the dining room and living room so that the guys could just load them on the truck and not make unneccesary trips up and down stairs. 
Saturday morning started bright and early as Josh and Joe went to pick up the U-Haul. They were back and ready to load by 7:30am--by far our most successful rental truck pick-up EVER! Scott joined the activity a little later, and they just pushed through. We worked them HARD, but they really never complained. I think my mid-morning donut run and lunchtime Five Guys really helped keep spirits up! LOL It did take about 5 1/2 hours to load the truck in Springfield. There were many doubters as to whether or not everything would fit in one trip, but Josh is a stellar packer! He utilized every inch of the truck as well as our Prius, Joe's similarly small car, and Scott's Pilot, and everything was moved in one trip! Hallelujah!
After a lunch break for Five Guys, it only took about 2 1/2 hours to unload the truck. The guys really did work hard, and we are SO thankful to have such good (and strong!) friends!
After we cleaned ourselves up a bit, we headed to the Buerstattes and had a delicious dinner Brandi had made. Jackson and KK were all fed, bathed, and jammied up hanging out on the front porch. Jackson was SO happy to see us, and we were so happy to see his smiling face :) The night before Brandi and Scott were nice enough to watch another friend's two kids so they could go out, so they had a regular party at their house! Jackson must have loved having so many friends to play with!
We did take a break on Sunday for Mother's Day (separate post), but on Monday, Katherine was nice enough to have Jackson hang out with her, Liam, and Colin while we worked on unpacking.  Jackson has an awesome time hanging out with his friends, especially because they got to take a wagon ride!!!

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