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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Double Trouble Pretzel Style

Nothing like a good laugh to make a good day even better :) I went downstairs to switch loads in the laundry room, and when I came back upstairs I found Jackson and James snacking on some pretzels. Not such a big deal, you might think, if I had GIVEN them to them!!! I had packed a zip-top baggie of them when we went to the grocery store earlier. Jackson LOVES pretzels and I knew that if he got antsy, a pretzel would keep him busy. Fast-forward to after lunch and Jackson had pulled my bag off of the table by the front door, undone the baggie, and doled out pretzels for himself and James! Not only did they look super cute sitting by the front door snacking away, but when I went to reclaim the pretzels and clean up the boys, I saw they each had many soggy pretzels clenched in their little fists! Oy!

1 comment:

Mary Jo said...

So I just re-read this for the 5th time and its still hilarious and adorable. I'm so glad James has such a good friend to steal snacks for him. :)