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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Yesterday we started a somewhat normal routine again. James was dropped off for the first time in three weeks and Jackson is excited to have his playmate back again! I definitely enjoyed my three weeks "off," but it's nothing like the two weeks I had when I was "just" teaching and could sit around doing nothing, eating bon-bons on my winter break ;)

Jackson is really testing out his climbing skills... He conquered the stairs months ago with no fear and has continued on to many other things! We were watching TV the other day and looked over to see him sitting ON his learning table! Yikes! We took the legs off, and it now is a floor toy... He LOVED crawling over Meemaw's lowest counter in the kitchen. That has translated to enjoying crawling under our coffee table at home. I just ordered him a super cute chair from Pottery Barn Kids since he loved climbing into James's car seat, settling in, and playing with toys. I can't wait for it to come so he has his own little seat!

While in Covington, Jackson started saying, "Mmmm!" after tasting something yummy! We love that because we think it has helped him expand his eating choices. He let us know that he now enjoys ham, macaroni and cheese (grown-up stuff, not just the baby kind), chips, and a special pudding/fruit salad Meemaw made for Christmas. He also is showing a lot of interest in drinking from a water bottle. Josh helped him drink a whole bunch one day. Maybe Mommy can get over her clean-freakishness so he can learn how to drink out of a cup...and use a spoon...and a fork...

While next Christmas should be tons of fun with Jackson really into opening presents, he finally started to get the hang of it on this trip! He didn't quite know what to do at Mimi and Grandpa's, but at Gramma J's he pulled the tissue right out of his bag! We made such a big deal about it, he figured out it was a neat trick. That translated to him trying his best to "open" his aunt, uncle, and cousins' presents! I think we managed to preserve them all!

Teeth report: Four back molars are working their way through as well as three or four others! Yikes! No wonder we had a Mr. Crankypants on our hands...

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