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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jackson's First Birthday Party!

Jackson attended his first birthday party yesterday for James's FIRST birthday!!! In spite of working hard on recovering from not feeling well, he seemed to have a great time :) There were three other little people there. Just enough chaos ;)

Of course Jackson and James enjoyed playing together, but Jackson enjoyed playing with the older kids too. He played basketball with Evan and watched Kaitlyn as she paraded down the hall on James's race car. Jackson's friend, Lily, was there as well and he kept sneaking her little smiles. Jackson didn't feel much like eating while we were there, but the grown-ups enjoyed some yummy slow-cooked meat sandwiches and very tasty mac-n-cheese! James did an awesome job smushing his cupcake around and even styled his hair with chocolate frosting! It was a good look! The cupcakes were adorable monkeys, but even those weren't enough to entice our little guy to eat one :( Man, he didn't know what he was missing!

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