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Friday, January 22, 2010

Fun Friday!

I previously posted about Jackson needing a little guy chair to relax in: Winter Break: Part 3: Chapter 4 and We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Program. Mainly, I was really excited about finding a really cute one on sale at Pottery Barn Kids. The info online was not very clear and it ended up I just ordered a slipcover! Not so helpful! I found this one on AND it was on sale AND it was a WHOLE chair! LOL So, here it is! I picked it up yesterday and he LOVES it!!!

The other exciting part of this Friday is that Mimi arrived last night! She is staying until Tuesday :) We have had a very fun day or lunch and shopping! The outcome of our shopping trip was many new books for Jackson and some super cute new clothes! The books were from TJ Maxx--already a good deal AND they were on sale! YAY! It was awesome because I had a short list of new ones I wanted at the bookstore and the first two books I picked up at TJ's were on that list! Here is a picture of Mimi reading a new book to Jackson.

He is one sneaky bug: Mimi had stuck two new books in her purse as emergency distractions. She had just put her purse on the floor when we got home and forgot about it. Once Jackson got up from his nap, we were hanging out in the living room and he went right over to her purse and pulled out one of the new books! As I was writing this, I heard him pull out the other one! So much for surprises!

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