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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Little Guy Shoes

I looked over the other night and Josh had added Jackson's shoes to our mat by the door. How cute are they?!

Another cute thing I noticed the other day was Jackson's demeanor when he is at someone else's house with his/her toys. He gets the sweetest look on his face that captures a really adorable combination of a little nervousness about playing with new toys and pure excitement about getting to play with new toys!

I don't like that Jackson has been sick AT ALL! BUT, he gets so snuggly when he doesn't feel well! Why do those two things have to go together? In Covington, Jackson was getting up ridiculously early, but not really wanting to be awake, so he would just sit on my lap and we would rock in Meemaw's recliner. The other day (the day he got sick, it turns out), he woke up on the earlier side here and fell asleep while I was holding him in bed. I usually try to buy a little extra time by bringing him in our room either to cuddle or to hang out with Josh before he gets ready for bed. For some reason, Jackson usually starts screaming as soon as I even bend one leg to sit on the bed. Weird, I know. But, that morning he just laid on my chest (a lot harder than it was a year ago) and fell back asleep for a little while. For the rest of the weekend he would just want one of us to hold him and he has started laying his head on my shoulder periodically during the day. I LOVE that! I see people when we are out and about who are carrying their sleeping toddlers. I never thought I would get that experience because Jackson is SO stinkin' busy! But, maybe we will...

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