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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowy Walk and a Plate

We got another big snowfall over the weekend! It snowed pretty much all day yesterday and left us with a lot more than was forecasted. Jackson and I took an early morning trip to the grocery store (when it wasn't even flurrying), and I got a kick out of overhearing people's conversations. People make such a big deal about snow here! I just wasn't that worried, being from Chicago and all. I did find myself thinking that I had some really yummy food in case we were stranded! LOL Josh did a good job clearing off the cars and shoveling so we could go ahead with our plans to go over to the Mullens' for dinner. Today was a beautiful post-snow day! It wasn't super-duper cold and it was so pretty! We took the pups for a walk later in the afternoon and the sun looked so pretty shining through the naked trees. We walk on a path through the woods behind our house, and we knew there was no way the path was clear. Josh used this opportunity to carry Jackson in the backpack. Jackson wasn't too thrilled with his new ride at first, but loved it once we got going! I think the fresh air really helped him feel a little better!

After our walk I gave Jackson his dinner on a plate for the first time. It went pretty well! He wasn't interested in the chicken at all, so there were some lucky pups... That wasn't related to the plate at all. He loves the little Gerber raviolis and blueberries! Those were all a huge hit. After he finished that, I put some yogurt melts and goldfish in a little bowl, and that didn't go as well... Jackson immediately emptied the whole bowl on to his tray and then picked around the goldfish to only eat the yogurt melts... Baby steps!

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