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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chef Buglet!

I embarked on a cookie baking marathon yesterday, and I enlisted the help of Chef Buglet! I figured that helping me make cookie batter would be fun for Jackson, but I didn't bank on how much he would LOVE it! He had such a good time helping me pour in different ingredients and mixing. He wasn't so sure about the beaters. Luckily Daddy was playing photographer of the whole activity and was available for some comforting while I did the beating.

I think Jackson's on his way to discovering the best part of baking: taste testing your hard work!!!


Dana said...

I think Bobby Flay & the other TV chefs should watch out!!! xo proud mimi

mom said...

oops -- I didn't realize that the comment would be under your name! It's really from me! xo mimi

Katie said...

Yummmmm, those cookies look delicious!! At least the dough did :) Good job Jackson!

Kristyn said...

This is adorable!! And yep, tasting is definitely the best part :) glad he's learning early ;)