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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our Stay in Staunton (and Nearby)

We spent this past weekend in and around Staunton visiting Gramma Jarvis, Meemaw, Aunt Murph, and Uncle Larry. We had such a good time! We really got to relax and enjoy time together :) We left Thursday evening and drove to our first stop: Gramma J's. Jackson slept the whole way in the car and went right back to sleep once we arrived. On Friday Jackson enjoyed showing off his new tricks. We went to the Waynesboro Park (which used to be one of the awesome wooden play areas, but has been replaced with that "safe" metal stuff...) and Jackson enjoyed climbing on the equipment.

Once he saw the ducks in the pond, however, that was clearly his favorite part!

A nice woman shared a piece of bread with Jackson so he was able to feed the ducks--he LOVED this!

We went home for lunch and a very short nap, and then we took advantage of Gramma's huge yard! Jackson had fun blowing bubbles, playing Frisbee, playing with rocks, and getting wet with a bucket and sponge.

We ended the afternoon with a bath and dinner out at our favorite pizza place near Gramma's. After giving some good-bye hugs and kisses, we headed off to Aunt Murph and Uncle Larry's.

They were just on their way out to dinner with Meemaw, which worked out well since the quiet helped us get Jackson settled and asleep. We had a really nice time relaxing and enjoying their house. Their is a great deck a little ways from the house and it was such a pretty night! Saturday morning, Jackson and I went with Aunt Murph to the Staunton Farmer's Market. We got lots of yummy treats--it was really fun! Josh went golfing with Larry and Robert (Josh's cousin). Murph offered to stay with Jackson and lay him down for his nap while Meemaw, Goldie (Robert's wife), and I went to see "Eat, Pray, Love." That was SUCH a nice offer and I didn't hesitate TOO much in taking her up on it... We got all settled in the theater only to wait for a good twenty minutes with no movie starting :( Apparently there was something wrong with the projector, but there was no real estimate of when that might be fixed. It was disappointing, but I still had gotten to have some popcorn and then I got to finish my book while sitting on the screened-in porch back at the house while Jackson took a nice, long nap. It was still a really nice afternoon!

We had a delicious dinner that evening with Robert and Goldie and then I spent a couple of hours making butterfly cupcakes as a belated birthday present for Aunt Jeannie, who we were visiting the next day.

On Sunday morning Josh, Jackson, Aunt Murph, and I went for a walk at Gypsy Hill Park. I LOVE this park! Not only is it a great place to walk, but it also has a duck pond, a pool, several play areas, picnic tables, a ball field, and a really neat display of lights at holiday time!

After our walk, we went back to the house for lunch and a nap. Then Meemaw, Jackson, Josh, and I left to go visit Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Wayne. It was really nice to have a little visit just to ourselves with them. Jackson was a little nervous at first, but he quickly warmed up when he discovered the fun dog toys to play with and all of the fun doors he could open and close...

We headed back to the house and Jackson had a quick bath followed by a little quiet TV time. We all were able to enjoy a yummy grilled dinner before we packed up and headed home. (P.S. This is Jackson's new monkey which he LOVES! He is SO cute!)

It was at great "end of summer" weekend (the weather shows no sign of it being the end of summer, but with school starting soon, it feels like it should be!).

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Miss Mommy said...

Those butterfly cupcakes are AMAZING! I would LOVE to know how you did that! (Hint hint) ;)