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Monday, August 23, 2010

Friends! Cousins! Family! Oh my!

We got back yesterday afternoon from a great getaway weekend! On Friday afternoon we headed to Charlottesville as a pit-stop on the way to Louisa, VA to stay with our friends, Charron and Andy (this is the earliest we could re-schedule our pre-Snotorious B.I.G. trip!). This past weekend was move-in weekend on Grounds, and it was fun to walk around for a little and reminisce about when it was us moving all of our worldly possessions into a shoebox! LOL After wandering around a little, we got back in the car and drove the rest of the way to the Montgomery's house. Charron began her spoiling of us that night and cooked a delicious dinner! The food spoilage continued with breakfast AND lunch on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday--I could get used to this! We had a great time hanging out and catching up with good friends. Jackson had a great time (of course) showing off all of his best tricks. My favorite trick he showed off was sleeping in until 8am Sunday morning!!!
Hugs for Charron...

Hugs for Charron's mom...

And dap for Andy!

We left Charron and Andy's house Sunday morning and drove about 45 minutes to visit Jackson's aunt Jenny! Jackson's cousins, Drake and Killian, were there too and they were really excited to see Jackson! They even inflated their cool fort to show Jackson! He thought it was pretty cool and liked climbing around with his big cousins :)

Jackson's uncle Bob was there too, but he had just finished working in the yard and I didn't get any pictures of him :( Aunt Jenny and Uncle Bob have two Great Dane dogs, Hondo and Eddie, and Jackson LOVED them! He also loved their two cats. He kept pointing to them or going over to them and meowing. It was so cute!

Swinging with Aunt Jenny :)

Killian, Uncle Josh/Daddy, Jackson, Drake

Of course, Jackson found the broom on the stairs and started sweeping! He was invited to stay everywhere we went this weekend because he likes to clean up after himself :)

Lunch at the fancy Arby's (seriously, the interior is super nice--like a sit-down restaurant, they bring your food TO you, and they have a bigger menu with delicious-looking rotisserie chicken!)

Daddy, Jackson, and Aunt Jenny

One last hug from Aunt Jenny!

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