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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Days in Evanston Come to an End

Well, we are back home! We had a great drive back--Jackson was a champ! We left Evanston right at 1pm so Jackson could start the trip off with a nap. He and I BOTH started that way ;) He napped for almost two hours, so then we just had a few hours to hang out before stopping for dinner. Jackson was really content playing with some toys, looking at books, and having me read him some stories. The rest stop we stopped at for dinner was in Ohio and it was really pretty nice! There was a food court with a big, open area for eating. Jackson had a good time looking around at the other travelers while he ate a really good dinner! We got back on the road after changing Jackson into his pjs and he was asleep after about an hour. He slept the whole way home and was really happy to see his crib when we got home at 1:30am!

Our last full day in Evanston was a nice and relaxing one. Josh and Bampa got to play golf one more time. Mimi had taken the day off, so she, Jackson, and I went out for lunch and then to hang out with Nan after naptime. We walked around an outdoor shopping area near my grandma's house and then she came home with us for the rest of the evening. Jackson has such a good time with Nan! She helped with dinner and bathtime, and she even brought an awesome new firetruck lunch bag for Jackson's to tote around his food! I LOVE these pictures of Jackson and Nan :)

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Dana said...

Great pictures of Jackson & Nan -- she'll be so excited to have documentation of their relationship!! xo mimi