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Friday, August 13, 2010

"Getting" It

I LOVED my job in high school! I worked at Barnes and Noble on the weekends and on school breaks. I actually started "working" when I was younger, but since I wasn't old enough to be paid in the traditional sense, I got paid in books. What could be better for a book-a-holic?! My mom started working at this particular location some time when I was in Middle School. My brother and I LOVED tagging along on our days off because we got to sit and read any and all books we wanted all day! I guess I looked like I knew what I was doing because customers would ask me questions! I loved children's books and was always more than happy to make recommendations. That is how my career started :)

While I worked at the bookstore and shelved books (mostly in the children's section), I came across lots of titles! There were always a few books that I mentally tucked away on the list of books I wouldn't buy for my children. I'm embarrassed to admit that the DK series of My First Board Books were on this list. I just didn't have any interest in sitting and pointing at things and labeling them. (Later I would learn that this is a very important part of children's development of language, but what did I know then?)
At the library a few weeks ago, I came across My First Truck Board Book. I grabbed it thinking it would make a great book for Jackson to look at in the car. He LOVED it! He spent most of the time he was in the car flipping through the book and studying all of the trucks. I think we have only actually read it once or twice! But, he LOVES it! I was really excited to come across a copy at TJ Maxx for just a few dollars, so we now own that one.

I also checked out My First Pets Board Book at a later library visit and it went over just as well!

So, I must admit that this series is pretty darn awesome :)

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Teaching Money to Kids said...

Thanks for visiting Teaching Money to Kids.
I was glad when I thought my older kids had outgrown those books too. I was ready to put them away. But when we got them out for the new baby, they all spent the afternoon flipping through the books, even my five year old who can basicaly read story books, was riveted by these basic picture books.

Anne@LittleSproutBooks said...

Just catching up on last week's Feed Me Books Friday links after our return from vacation. Thanks for stopping by! And for featuring the button! What a great job you enjoyed! I'm jealous! I have to admit I am not riveted by the picture/label books, but they make great activities for my 4 year old to occupy his little brother with!