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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stuffed Friends!

As silly as it sounds I have been making a concerted effort for most of Jackson's life to get him attached to some stuffed animal(s)! He LOVES his pacifiers, which is fine, but a stuffed animal or two or a blanket would probably be better. Today I was taking Jackson upstairs to play in his crib for a little quiet time when he ran over to the mess of toys on the floor and grabbed these two guys: a purple bunny named Heather (she came with that name!) (she also is missing all facial features thanks to Jackson's big furry brother) and a yellow ducky. He played with them in his crib and when it was time to come back downstairs he clutched them in his arm all the way down! It was so cute watching him grasp them however he could so he could hold on to the railing and his friends!

The new friends came in the car with us to the library and on the way home Jackson took a brief snooze with each friend on a side of his head. SO CUTE! After lunch, Jackson found his friends again and we had the following photo shoot:

Snuggles for Ducky!

Contemplating a kiss for Ducky...

Kisses for Heather!

A sweet boy and his new friends :)

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