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Thursday, June 24, 2010

WOW Toys!

Jackson got two really neat toys for Christmas from his California Becker cousins that we had never seen before! I consider that a pretty significant feat since I research everything to death, and consider myself pretty familiar with the mainstream stuff. Anyways, Jackson got two WOW Toys: Harvey Harvester and Motor Boat Murray.

Motor Boat Murray joined the bath time crew early on.
To be honest, however, Harvey Harvester has been hanging out in my Tub O' Extra Toys in our laundry room. Jackson definitely could have played with him earlier, but I thought I'd wait until he would really enjoy loading the bales of hay and then making the harvester go so the bales fell out! I was right! I just put it out last week when I switched toys, and Jackson LOVES his "new" toy!

These two toys are the only experience I have with WOW toys, but I'm dying to try out some more! WOW is a UK based company, but you can definitely shop online! The neat thing about the WOW toys is they don't take batteries! Yes, you read that right: NO BATTERIES! WOO HOO!!! We actually have been pretty lucky with Jackson's toys and none of them seem to eat batteries, but it's still really nice to not worry about it! Check out WOW Toys website for all of the toy choices (there are tons) and more info about the company, if you are interested!

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mom said...

I love how you reinvent the toys -- everything old is new! xo mimi