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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where Were You When...

We had the conversation a couple of weeks ago with some good friends of what is the first big event that occurred, and you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing. Josh and I are lucky enough that we didn't live through the bombing of Pearl Harbor or any presidential assassinations. The first big event for me is 9/11. I will always remember sitting in my Poli Sci 150 class in Foellinger Auditorium and hearing it announced. I remember reading everything in the newspapers about it. I remember our Art History teacher not letting us discuss it the next morning, which really upset me. I remember standing on The Quad one year later with Allison listening to the Altgeld bells toll in memory of the event.

Josh and I have had the unique experience of supporting a very dear friend of ours when he had a heart attack at the age of 28. I will always remember sitting in a co-workers classroom, casually checking e-mail (mostly just out of habit), and reading the e-mail telling us that Joe had suffered a heart attack.

On a much happier note, I get to remember the births of many friends' babies :) Katie was the first of my close friends to be pregnant. Paige Elizabeth Conner was born March 20th, 2007, and I was teaching Third Grade at Elgin Academy. I got an e-mail with some pictures of her and I was so excited, I put them up on the TV screen so my students could see. I even answered my cell phone during class when Katie called because I was so excited!

Rachel Elizabeth Yancey was born on May 15, 2008. I checked my e-mail early in the morning before going to nanny and learned that Susie had been taken in for an emergency C-section. I remember sitting at the computer and crying (keep in mind I was pregnant too and extra emotional!) because I knew that was the last thing Susie wanted. I was so excited all day to get to go visit the Yanceys in the hospital! It was so exciting meeting Rachel!

The latest I will always remember is Jonah Jeffrey Bouy. He was born on a very historical day: November 4, 2008! It had been a rough night with Jackson and after feeding him and putting him back in his crib, I got a picture text from Cassie announcing Jonah's arrival! I was SO excited! It made it all worth it to be up at that ridiculous hour! So, happy birthday Jonah!


mom said...

Your comments are hilarious & I'm so glad this technology was invented so I can always see new pictures!!! xo mimi

Brandi said...

We can't wait to finally meet your little guy! Soon enough we will.