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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Babysitting Flashback

When we go home to Evanston, we are lucky enough to have an awesome babysitter!  Jackson LOVES when we tell him we are going out and Katie is coming to babysit :)  I met Katie and her family when she was 5 (13 years ago!!!) and in my group at Summer Stuff Day Camp.  At that time she had one younger sister and a younger brother.  Bridget was 3 and Billy was 1.  A year later, Katie got a second younger sister, Molly.  Fast forward to now when Katie is 18, Bridget is 16, Billy is 14, and Molly is 12!!!  I cannot believe it...  Anyways, I sat for the Maloneys a lot and even went on a weekend trip with them while Bill stood up in a wedding and Katie and Bridget were flower girls.  We went to Indiana about two months after Molly was born, and I have to say it was a really fun trip!  Here are some pictures from that trip, as a reference point:
These next pictures are of Katie and Bridget playing with Jackson at a playground by Mimi and Bampa's house. Since Katie is off to the U of I in the fall, I wanted Jackson and Bridget to get to know each other since she'll be our go-to sitter next time we go home. Jackson had a really fun time with the girls--so much attention!

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