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Friday, July 1, 2011

Seventh Anniversary Plus Family Time

 Josh and Bampa have gotten to play A LOT of golf!  That is good relaxing for both of them :)  Before they played one day last week, Jackson and I met them for lunch at Big Herm's.  As usual it was quite tasty.  Bampa entertained Jackson with some silly hand games--they both thought it was pretty funny!
 Last Saturday, Josh and I celebrated our 7th Anniversary!!!  We did have a fabulous date night (see below), but Jackson, Mimi, and I started out the day by meeting Mimi's good friend, Terrie, for breakfast.  Jackson had had breakfast at home, so he got a special cookie treat--the cookie was almost as big as his head!  He did eat almost all of it...
 Terrie, Jackson, and Mimi
 After our breakfast date, Mimi dropped us off at Wagner Farm to meet Josh.  Mimi, Bampa, and I took Jackson this fall (click here for that blog post), but Josh hadn't been yet!  Jackson really did enjoy checking out all the animals and walking around, but he wasn't super excited to get his picture taken with any of them this time :(  We did, however, get a token for a free ice cream from the milk barn.  Jackson chose strawberry ice cream and the girls topped it with sprinkles!!!  Jackson was nice enough to share with Mommy and Daddy :) 
 On Saturday night, our awesome babysitter, Katie, came over to stay with Jackson while Mom, Dad, Josh and me headed downtown to Weber Grill for dinner!  Jackson was SO excited to see Katie!  I think a large part of that was due to the fact that I told him he could go to the playground when Katie arrived :)  They had a great time together.  Dinner at Weber Grill was delicious!!!  Josh and I shared a salmon special and a filet.  I also had an amazing mashed sweet potato side!  After dinner we knew we wanted to walk around and look for dessert.  We started at the Signature Room, but the wait was insane!  We tried one more spot, but it didn't work out either.  We ended up at the bar at the Omni Hotel, and ordered yummy desserts and drinks.  This picture doesn't do the desserts justice, but we had an apple cobbler with shredded green apple on top and a s'more pudding.  There was a toasted marshmallow on top covering the whole dish, and it was delicious!
 I so badly wanted a picture of Josh and me on our date night, but it was so dark in the room, and the flash was so bright, I kept closing my eyes.  This was the best we could do :/

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