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Friday, July 8, 2011

End of Evanston

I can't believe we are home and unpacked from our trip to Evanston, but at the same time I look back at our pictures and see how much we did!!!  After our Indy mini-break, we had a few more fun things to do :)  We spent Thursday pretty much as a family just hanging out.  On Friday we drove to Monkey Bizness to meet the Dunnebacks!!!  Unfortunately, Jackson had just woken up from an abbreviated nap in the car when we got there, so he was a little slow to warm up... I *think* the boys all played together a little eventually...?  This place was pretty awesome, I must say!  It's a storefront in a strip mall, and there were quite a number of outdoor playhouse type things set up (it was all indoors), and then two or three larger inflatable play/climbing things.  You only pay for your child (awesome--I am not a fan of our whole family having to pay the expensive admission fees to get into some of the children's museums...), and then there is plenty of bench space to sit and watch the kids play!  They also have a cafe with lots of yummy looking drinks and snacks, so it's really ideal for moms to meet or playgroups.  I need to find one of these near us!!!  Kate, Brian, Josh, and I had a great time watching the kids and chatting.  Kyle and Connor just turned four, and they had a blast!  Jackson was a bit more hesitant about trying out the new stuff...  Of course, once he got excited to play, it was time to go!  After that fun afternoon, we went with Mimi and Bampa to Olive Garden for our last family dinner of that trip. 

On Saturday, we had a Date Day!!!  We did start with lunch with Bampa and Jackson and Big Herms.  Then we layed Jackson down for a nap, and Josh and I drove to Naperville for Kim and David's wedding ceremony!!!  Kim and I met in college during my Junior year.  We had our Kinesiology and Geology classes together.  She also came with me to get my belly button pierced!!!  I am SO glad we have stayed good friends even though we don't get to see each other nearly enough :(  Anyways, Kim met David, who is just perfect for her!  They were a beautiful couple, and the ceremony was just as beautiful!  After the afternoon ceremony, Josh and I had some time to kill before the reception, so we ended up at Barnes and Noble. I can't remember the last time I was free to just spend time browsing around!  After listening to the end of the Cubs game in the car (they lost :(), we went into the reception.  The banquet hall was really pretty, and the food was delicious! It was fun meeting some more of Kim's friends and family, and just enjoying the excitement :)  We made it an early evening since we were leaving the next day to drive back to VA...
 While we were gone, Mimi took Jackson to visit Nan one last time!  They apparently had a good time coloring.  Nan helped Jackson trace his hand and then added some fun details like a watch, rings, and fingernails :)

On Sunday, Jackson helped Bampa make pancakes for brunch before we hit the road.  They were yummy!  Jackson even ate two himself--that's a first!  Silly kid!  We left just before 11, and were home in Dumfries just after midnight.  It didn't take that long in actuality, but I think we all felt like the drive took longer--never as much leaving vacation as going TO it!  BUT, Mimi and Bampa are headed this way at the end of the month--can't wait!!!

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