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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Indianapolis Mini-Vacation

I was THRILLED that the timing worked out for my mom and I to take Jackson on an overnight trip to visit the Conners while we were in town.  Katie and Nick's third baby just arrived last Thursday. Caleb Nicholas was ready for some snuggles!!!  

Of course, Jackson was excited to go meet another Baby Brother ;)
We left Tuesday morning around 10:30, and Jackson was asleep by 10:45!  HA!  I had kind of figured that might happen, so we just drove until he woke up and then we stopped for lunch.  He slept for almost two hours, so once we enjoyed our McDonald's and made a pit stop, I took a turn driving and we were checking into our hotel about an hour and a half later!  It was an easy drive--Jackson was awesome!  We checked into our hotel and then drove down the road to Katie's house.  Her mom was in town for the week since Nick had gone back to work.  

We got there just as Paige and Lexi were getting up from naps, and they all had such a good time playing together (I knew they would!).  

Once Nick got home, we all headed to Red Robin for dinner.  It was super delicious and Jackson LOVED sitting next to Paige!  We got home and let the kids play some more before laying them down for bed.  We all hung out as grown-ups before Mom and I took Jackson back to the hotel to spend the night.

The next morning we got ourselves ready and checked out and headed back to Katie's.  We played for a little and then headed out to lunch.  Katie has always told me about Macallister's, and we finally got to go!  It was SO yummy!  They have typical sandwiches and salads, but then they have all of these specialty spuds (potatoes).  After lunch, the kids played some more and napped.  

Us grown-ups enjoyed some quite time with Caleb and to catch up :)  After naptime, we got ready to head out to dinner once Nick got home.  But, Paige was not feeling well, so she stayed home with Nick and Caleb.  

The rest of us went out to Qdoba, and after some yummy food we headed back to IL.

I SO wish we lived closer to Katie and her family, but I was thrilled that Paige and Jackson enjoyed playing together so much and that the girls warmed up to Mom and me really fast.  Paige has a great imagination and got Jackson involved in playing school and a few other games.  Lexi was so funny, and is quite the snuggler :)  

She and Jackson LOVED listening to Mimi and Nana sing "Pop Goes the Weasel" as they waited for the jack-in-the-box to spring open (I DESPISE jack-in-the-boxes, just for the record!)!

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