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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cute Vacation Quotes

Cute things overheard  and done while on vacation:
***No ice cream.  Ice cream cold.  French fries no cold.  French fries hot!
***Green light.  Wait turn!  (Jackson has learned about the stoplights and likes to tell me when the light is green.  He also knows we need to wait our turn :))
***I wake up!
***Jaxie boo-boo.  I cry.  Sticker!
***Jackson found one of my old troll dolls (remember those???), and he enjoyed taking off her clothes...  He also named her Boy.  He decided her clothes were her jammies, however.  As soon as one of us would them back on, he would take them off, and say, "Jammies back on!"
***Jackson didn't own any socks that fit him before we left for our trip.  I don't have any closed toe shoes to fit him this summer, so I just hadn't bought any.  Apparently, the night we went out for our anniversary, he was requesting socks before bed.  Katie, our sitter, said she looked for socks, didn't find any, so she placated him by tucking his feet in with his blanket.  Done.  Well, I had to buy socks for Monkey Bizness, and Jackson was so excited!  He immediately put on a pair when we got home!  When we got back from our wedding date, I checked on Jackson, and I saw he had socks on!  I told my mom she was such a sucker for giving him socks!  I was kidding, but seriously, where did the strong desire for socks come from???
***Jackson was OBSESSED with bunnies while we were in IL!!!  He loved finding them in my mom and dad's yard and when we went on walks.  The first time he rode his trike down the street, he saw one in a bush.  For the next few days he was convinced he was going to find the same bunny in the purple bush!  LOL  We just don't have them in such masses here, so I guess that was a nice treat?  When we would walk, we would point out any bunnies to Jackson.  Then he would say, "Bunny hop!  Bunny night night!" The bunny was usually hopping towards a bush, so we would ask him if the bunny was going to bed in the garden or in his bed.  Jackson would always say, "In the garden!"
***Mommy, Daddy date!  Kiss Jackson later.

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Sarah @ Loved Like the Church said...

I think my favorite is Jaxie boo-boo. I cry. Sticker! Hahaha!