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Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Heart Shoe Organizers!

My love of over-the-door shoe organizers began about three years ago as I was organizing and re-organizing Jackson's nursery.  I found myself in a panic as to what to do with all those itty bitty socks!!!  They wouldn't stay piles in a drawer, and I finally thought of THIS!  It also has worked wonders for storing other small odds and ends.  For a while, Jackson also liked to park his pacis in a lower pocket until it was sleep time again :)
This was my next Shoe Organizer Project: the door in our hall closet. We had a wide hall closet in the townhouse, and I had worked out some shelving in there to house my littler items.  This is a standard size closet, so this organizer works perfectly for outdoor flags, door decorations, and small items I put in my purse when we are going out to eat or somewhere where we might have to wait :)
While our pantry in the new house is certainly larger than our old one, who doesn't want a larger pantry???  So, Shoe Organizer to the rescue, yet again!  I'm loving the pockets for oatmeal packets, apple sauce and fruit cups, fruit strips, raisin boxes, taco/chili seasoning, granola bars, and breakfast bars :)
And, finally, here is my fourth Shoe Organizer Project: the garage!  I had just finished saying to Josh that I would love it if he could build me a little shelf for small things like bubbles and chalk when I was at my neighbor's house and saw her organizer on a garage wall!  GENIUS!  Now, I have a great spot to stash bubbles, chalk, doggie bags, other doggie items, small balls, and more bubbles :)

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