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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Potty Training Update

Jackson is doing AWESOME!!!  We are officially declaring him day trained :)  I was pretty frustrated at the beginning of last week.  He didn't have many accidents, but he also was holding his pee all morning!  I just couldn't find the feeling of success I had expected in that.  Everything came to a head on Wednesday when Jackson and I were out and about a lot, and he had a big accident in his carseat :(  It was my fault because we were in the car for so long and not at home enough.  But, I just felt very frustrated at that point.  I really was convinced I had started too early and even though Jackson really WANTED to go on the potty, he just wasn't ready : ( On Thursday, however, he started speaking up when he had to go potty, and he went on the potty almost every time he said he had to go!!!  I was SOOO excited!!!  He has just continued on that way since :D

The big test was Sunday when we were in Annapolis for the day (more on that coming later).  There would be no break for a nap with a diaper, and we would be out and about with only public restrooms at our disposal.  Jackson did great!  He stayed dry all the way to Annapolis, and then he told us a few times during the day when he needed to go.  He went each and every time we took a potty break!  He isn't the least big phased/scared of public restrooms!  YAY!  

Jackson is super proud of himself too!  That is a really fabulous thing to see :)  Last week he seemed to have a love/hate relationship with his Big Boy Undies.  SOOO excited in the beginning, then he would protest putting them on each time a bit, and now he asks for them all the time!!!

We are just so proud of Jackson--he is getting so big!

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Sarah @ Loved Like the Church said...

Glad to hear that Jackson is doing so well at potty training!!