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Monday, July 11, 2011

Hide and Seek!

Jackson's new favorite game is hands down Hide and Seek!  Susie taught it to him, I think, when he was over there one day.  She and Jackson were a team and they played "against" Rachel.  He would periodically talk about it or try to play it after that.  Then, he played with Paige when we were in Indy.  I remember standing in the kitchen talking to Katie, and seeing him with his face smushed against the doorway counting so he couldn't see Paige hide!  It was hilarious!  
Then, I checked out the book Hide! by Jeff Foxworthy from the library.  This was definitely one of Jackson's favorite books while at Mimi and Bampa's!  I'm actually a pretty big fan too.  The story is about a neighborhood game of Hide and Seek.  On each page there is a different boy or girl to find.  Some of them are pretty tricky, but Jackson found each one!  He also really wanted to know if he was looking for a boy or a girl!  But, on each page there are other smaller things to fine.  The first page asks you to find one raccoon.  Then the second page asks for one raccoon and two spoons.  It goes on like that until you are searching for 15 bugs, or something like that!  I do think I'm going to need to own this one--he likes it so much, it's a cute story AND a good attention getter, and our library doesn't own it :(  
In general, Jackson really likes the look and find types of books.  Another favorite is Baby Einstein Let's Look!  This is a small book--it's a board book, so it fits perfectly in Jackson's backpack.  He pulled it out everywhere we went to show whomever we were visiting with his favorite book :)  
Because he liked that so much, and since his current favorite show is "Little Einsteins," I ordered Little Einsteins Look and Find before our trip.  Big hit!

I remember LOVING the I Spy series as well as Where's Waldo? so I'm excited for these books to have made their debut in Jackson's life already :)

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