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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cute Pictures :)

Jackson is LOVING puzzles!!!  We are seeing some amazing development as he works out how to do certain puzzles by himself now that he used to need a decent amount of help with!!!  His two favorites right now are Melissa & Doug Deluxe Vehicles in a Box and Infantino Colors and Shapes Puzzle.  He can do them all on his own and gets so excited when he shows us his hard work!!!  He spent lots of time working on these while we hung out at home for the first three kick-off days of potty training :)
Last Friday, Liam hung out at our house while Brandi and Kaitlyn went to swim class!  I finally found the box of "baby toys" I knew I had somewhere so Liam had some fun things to play with!  Jackson LOVED helping me set up the playmat and going through all the toys.  He said, "New toys Mommy!"  Yup, new because you don't remember when you used to play with them ;) 
Hugs for Liam!
Liam fell head over heels in love with Sophie the instant she hit his mouth :)
Being an awesome faux-big-brother and showing Liam all the fun toys from the box!
Jackson tried his old sunglasses on Liam--cool shades, Dude!

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