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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Since We've Been Back

We are getting back into our routine back in our house :)  The car is the only thing that still really needs to be cleaned out, but I'll get there soon enough...  We enjoyed the holiday last Monday.  We didn't do anything terribly exciting--just relaxed and took a family walk.  On Tuesday we hung around in the morning, but I filled up the pool during naptime for Jackson, and he was so excited!!!  Here's our little pool area--he had such a good time playing while I relaxed in the chair and read my book.  We brought out a bunch of Little People and Chuck the Truck cars for him to play with.  He had a good time lining them up on a plastic stool and then splashing them off.  He also played Hide and Seek by hiding them all under the stool and then letting them out.  He dumped a cup of water over his head for the first time EVER!  LOL  I find it so odd what "normal" things he doesn't like to do... 

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