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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Jackson, James, and I met Josh, Mary Jo, and Mark at Firehouse for dinner last night. It was yummy, as usual! The boys were particularly interested in watching what was going on over the counter and one of the employees came over as we were leaving to chat with the boys. He thought they were cute and he also gave them each a fire hat! They were so cute!

Nothing too exciting has been going on. The weather has been MUCH warmer, but nice! We have mostly been gearing up for our trip to New Orleans. We leave tomorrow morning! My wonderful boys have made sure I had a great birthday celebration :) Jackson got yesterday off to a very nice start by sleeping in until 7 (he's pretty predictable as a 6 or 6:30 am guy...)! We had Red Robin for dinner Sunday night and then Firehouse last night. My presents included a promise to have lunch at Panera (Josh would actually come with!), an ice cream maker (the first use would be to bring me ice cream for breakfast in bed), and Movie of the Month club which includes two movies in a theater with popcorn and all of its yumminess! Ah, Date Night--what a wonderful gift!

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