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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Off to New Orleans!

We successfully landed in NOLA right around lunchtime! Phew :) Josh dropped Jackson and I off to get checked in while he went to park. Once we found our gate, we noticed that Emily's sister, Monica, and her family were on the same flight as us! Since we were flying Southwest and got to choose our own seats, we decided to head for the back together. This worked wonderfully (well, not so wonderfully for Leah who got VERY tired and needed to fall asleep on Monica's shoulder) since between us we occupied two sets of seats so none of us were bordered by strangers. Jackson did really well on the flight and loved playing while standing on the floor between our legs. Of course he made friends with everyone around us :) After landing and collecting our luggage, we decided to head over to the hotel. Jackson fell asleep in the cab about halfway to the hotel--poor little guy was tuckered out!

The hotel worked out MUCH better than anticipated! We stayed at the Wyndham Riverfront, right across the street from the Riverwalk, and down the street from Harrah's Casino. We were able to check in early and our requested crib and fridge followed immediately after us. Score! We briefly re-grouped and then went across the street to check out the Riverwalk. We both made a poor choice by ordering gyros sandwiches, but it was food! We walked through the Riverwalk and over to Em and Josh's hotel to say, 'Hi!"

Jackson did not have a very exciting evening, as we laid him down in bed at 5:30pm (Central Time, but still) and he was completely passed out approximately five minutes later! Josh was working on fighting off a cold, so I left him to nap with Jackson and went back to the Riverwalk myself. I got a margarita and then took my book onto the deck to relax. Ah, vacation! I picked up a pizza from Pie, Pizza and Pastas for dinner and then Josh and I watched Thursday night tv in bed :) It was a great start to the trip!

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