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Friday, May 14, 2010

A Fish Called Jackson

Jackson and I attended our first Toddler and Me swim class this morning :) I signed him up through the Fairfax County Park District, and the class meets at the South Run Rec Center just down the road from us. Jackson LOVED the class! I was a bit nervous because he gets much quieter in large groups. But, he waded right in with the other kids--it's a neat pool that you can walk right in to and it gradually gets deeper. The class starts at 19 months, so Jackson is definitely at the bottom of the age bracket, but he did just fine! A lot of the other kids are the same age. The teacher, Miss Emily, was great! She led us in songs and lots of different movements in the water. We learned four ways to hold our toddlers in the water: on our hip, face-to-face, under our arm so they can "swim," and the safe position (their back against our chests so they can just rest with their face away from the water). By the end, I think Jackson wanted me to let him just go! We are definitely looking forward to this week's class!

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