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Friday, May 7, 2010

Nothing Like Bourbon Street at 8 AM!

This morning started off bright and early at 5am!!! Jackson had a rough night. He kept waking up with little screams and I would go pat his back. Then he woke up crying and crying and crying around midnight. Finally, I put him in bed with us (thank goodness for king sized beds) and he slept there until 5. He enjoyed breakfast sitting in this special ergonomically designed desk chair! LOL We were all up and ready to go not too much longer after that. We decided to go our for a walk and ended up walking through the French Quarter and over to Bourbon Street. While 8am is not it's main time, it was still quite an interesting area!

After our walk, we regrouped at the hotel and headed over to Jackson Square! We were hoping to make it to City Park to enjoy the botanical garden and Storyland, but it was going to be quite a schlep on the streetcar. That was the furthest we wanted to go, so we decided to skip it and head to Jackson Square which was much closer! There were not as many vendors around the square as we might have thought, but it was still pretty early on a weekday.

From there we went over and walked along the river back towards the hotel. There were lots of pretty places to sit, an awesome Holocaust memorial (more on this later), and beautiful sculptures outside of the Audubon Aquarium.

Somebody fell asleep on this portion of the walk... So, we went back into the Riverwalk for some nice air conditioning. Jackson continued to sleep while we tried some different items for lunch (better, but not great, and pretty expensive!), and woke up just as we finished for some lunch of his own!

We weren't quite sure what to do with ourselves for the rest of the afternoon. I only had a few things on my list that I really wanted to do, and it was enough for one big thing each day. We weren't really looking to do a bunch more walking since we had covered a good portion of the city already... ;) So, we took the free ferry to Algiers. Ummm...the ferry was definitely a good move! It was free, there was sitting involved, and there was a nice breeze--what else could you ask for? We were excited to see Algiers because it was plugged as historic and said to have a jazz walk of fame. There was not much to see--it was pretty depressing. The jazz walk of fame consisted of some decorated lightposts :( So, we went back to the ferry terminal and waited in the shade for the next ferry! Jackson definitely liked riding on a boat!

We hung out at the hotel for a little while until dinner. Let me just say that "hung out at the hotel" takes on a whole new meaning when you are hanging out with a toddler! Jackson didn't buy into the whole idea of let's-lie-on-the-bed-and-watch-tv-or-take-a-nap... So, after getting as much rest as we could, we walked to The Crescent City Brewhouse for dinner. It was really yummy! Josh and I each had shrimp po boys--mmmm!

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