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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday...

What a day it has been, and it's not even over yet :( I don't mean that completely pathetically--I'm actually quite proud of myself for how positive I stayed this morning. Now I need to muster up some positivity for this afternoon... Jackson has been waking up just after 5 for the past few mornings. The past two days, he took a good-ish morning nap, but then NO afternoon nap! What a disappointing fake-out! He's been about 50/50 on the morning nap for a while, and if he did take one, he has been taking pretty predictable and good afternoon naps. I decided yesterday that this was a sign for us to implement a one-nap schedule. I'm beginning to accept the reality of one nap, but it just can't be in the morning! Yikes! So, I planned for a long-ish feeling morning followed by a good afternoon nap. Well, Jackson sure delivered on the long morning part! The lack of sleep hasn't seemed to affect him...until today! Of course! The day that I finally dedicate myself to one nap... By 7:30 he was already cranky and rubbing his eyes! I decided to push ahead with my previously decided upon plan.

Once James got dropped off, we took our walk much earlier than usual, but it was a beautiful morning and I figured it would break up the morning a little. We also could get our walk in before it got really hot! After we got home, the boys were SO cute! Jackson was driving his Cozy Coupe and he and James were giving hugs and kisses through the window! Such good friends :)

The troops were getting a bit restless around snack time so I decided I would brave outdoor play with both of them! This has scared me in the past because they are so unpredictable! I didn't think I could handle them going in opposite directions! Plus, our parking lot is essentially the street! I don't know if I'll ever get over that worry... Anyways, I brought out snacks and bubbles and was ready to try it out. Jackson had some snack, but then found the rake. This falls into the category of Favorite Toys I Can Push (other members include the snow brush, the dust mop, the toilet brush, and the broom). He raked the yard, we took a walk holding hands up and down the sidewalk a few times. Then, James went to get his drink off of the stoop and Jackson started raking the sidewalk. So far, so good...I thought! I apparently was so worried about them running into the street, that I didn't worry about the unevenness of the sidewalk or the slight slope of our street. Before I knew it, Jackson had tripped over a crack and fallen with the rake. He cut his lip (again!) and his face is a little scraped up. It was pretty sad, and I had no idea what to do! I set him in the grass so I could get James inside. Once James was inside I knew I could give Jackson my attention without worrying about James running away!

Jackson settled down, but then it was a whiny road to lunch :( I did lunch a bit early for him anticipating an earlier than normal afternoon nap. He went down easily at 12:45 and I got to relax outside for a while. I had lunch and finished my book and was working on posting this blog, when Jackson started screaming around 1:45! What's that about?! I went up to see if I could settle him down, and he wasn't even awake! He didn't open his eyes or anything. He just laid there crying! It was so sad. I left for a few minutes and then tried again. This time he relaxed once I have him his pacis and I rubbed his back. I was making progress until he started crying again! It was so sad! He was obviously uncomfortable, but I didn't know what to do! I kept patting and rubbing and he settled down! I got him back to sleep (at least judging by his closed eyes and steady, heavy breathing). I felt like Super Mom...for a minute... :( He woke up for good right after that. But, I think I'll still enjoy my moment of achievement!

Now, I just feel like a horrible mom for making him stay up all morning when he clearly wanted a nap only to have him not get nearly enough sleep during his one nap! ARGH! I really wish there was a right answer for all kids! Or at least one problem to fix: getting up too early or only needing one nap. One thing at a time, folks!

So, since we were cooped up all morning, I think we'll get out and get a few things done once James wakes up! I think I might have to revert back to an early bedtime even though we have been trying to move his bedtime later! Oy!

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