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Monday, May 17, 2010

Toddlers, Toddlers Everywhere!

This weekend had lots of plans on the calendar, but they didn't all go quite as planned. We did manage to stay busy despite the changes! We started with plans to have dinner with the Mullens followed by hanging out. We headed to our house and put the boys to bed. James was having an unusually hard time getting to sleep and Mark and Mary Jo took turns working with him. I think Mary Jo was on her way downstairs to tell us that they should go home when she slipped down the stairs and ended up breaking three bones in her ankle as well as dislocating it :( It was really scary, but James was totally fine! We called 911 and an ambulance came to take Mary Jo to the hospital. James ended up sleeping over at our house. The boys seemed to enjoy their first sleepover! They were a little surprised to see each other before breakfast, but went with the flow :)

Mark picked up James pretty early and Jackson and I went for a run. After our run, I loaded up Jackson in the car and we drove to Woodbridge to pick up a stroller I bought off of Craigslist.

Let me say, I LOVE this stroller! It's the Graco Ipo and it was an amazing deal!

On the way home Jackson fell asleep so I let him stay that way in his carseat while I waited for the Yanceys to drop off Rachel! They were in town house-hunting in anticipation of Joe being relocated to Fort Belvoir (WOO HOO!) this August. Rachel and Jackson had a GREAT time playing together! Unfortunately, I didn't get very many good pictures. I thought I would share what I did take!

Susie's mom and sister picked up Rachel around lunchtime, Jackson napped, we took a family walk, and then we met the Yanceys for dinner! The craziness continued as we all came back here to put Jackson to bed, give Rachel her birthday presents, get the boys set up on the Wii, Susie and I went back to her mom's to put Rachel to sleep, picked up Dairy Queen to bring home, and looked at pictures of favorite houses after a day of house hunting! I'm a little exhausted after just typing that!

Sunday was surprisingly calm and we got Josh ready for his four-day business trip to Oklahoma City!

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